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Healing journey

Welcome to My World guys <3

Preface | My healing journey

Hello Readers, my name is Zenia Mehta. I am, at the writing of this blog, 34 years old. Part of life that is relevant for you all to know is that I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2019. A diagnosis that changed my life in most miraculous ways (was hard to imagine at the time). Lessons I have learnt through this journey are invaluable for me and this blog & website are an endeavor to share those lessons with you all. After a year of my diagnosis, when I was totally symptom free and living a good life by all means, I decided to share my journey on youtube and that resonated with a lot of people struggling with this condition. Because of my youtube channel and Instagram, I got an opportunity to talk to a lot of people dealing with the same condition. Quite a few of them were able to heal themselves and are now off medication following the changes I implemented in my lifestyle and shared with these people. I am connected to all of these people on a daily basis through social media and messengers. Nothing gives me more joy than knowing that someone is living a normal life , someone is able to walk now following the steps recommended in my videos. I want to share all of these recommendations with you all and hopefully these recommendations will also help you in some way. If they do, please pass this knowledge to anyone you think might need it.

Even though, this blog is promised to help people with auto immune but honestly it can help anyone with any incurable condition. So, if a family or friend needs it, please share it with them.

“Diagnosis is not the end but the beginning of a new life”

~Zenia Mehta

Gladly, I was always a person who had courage to question dogma and not believe everything that was told to me especially if it limited me in any way. As you can imagine, diagnosis of lupus and life of lupus is delimiting in most ways. You can’t go out in the sun a lot, you can’t take a lot of stress, you have to take medicine for the rest of your life.. Nothing I could make peace with. So, I had to find answers and that’s how my journey began. Welcome to my world and thank you for becoming a part of this journey. Hope this book will add some value to your life.

“Life is only as good as quality of your thoughts”


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